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Industrial Lighting

Lighting in industrial and manufacturing locations needs to be long-lasting and bright. Traditionally lighting options have been expensive to run and had minimal energy efficiency. Costs commonly are high due to maintenance and replacements as old bulbs failed.


Best Practice Lighting have a range of high-quality LED products which will reduce your costs in all areas, making now the ideal time to replace your traditional lighting producsts. Our motion sensing options can further increase your efficiency and flexibility of energy usage. Best Practice Lighting can prepare a payback assessment as a part of its FREE assessment and quote process.

Key Things to Consider

Lighting is one of the biggest considerations for Australian industry, running up costs in a range of areas. We can help you to reduce these costs and provide you with more efficient and erganomic lighting. At Best Practice Lighting, we can help you tailor a solution using these questions:


  • When do you operate and how does this affect your lighting considerations?

  • Is motion sensing right for your location?

  • What do you use your lighting for (working environment, security, advertising, indoor/outdoor)?

  • How often are ‘visual tasks’ performed in each area?

Warehouse lighting
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