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Full Service

Best Practice Lighting is a LED company like no other. We are not electricians, we are not manufacturers, we are not consultants, we are none of these but at the same time all of these!!! We see ourselves as your partner in the transition to LED. Whichever part of the process you need assistance with, we are there to help you make the right decisions and ensure a successful conclusion to your project. We are there from start to finish, or any part in-between, helping calculate your Return On Investment times, deciding what products to fit, from beam angles, to wattage and drivers. Inspecting your fittings and auditing your existing fixtures, it’s all taken care of by us and our team of experts. We are here for the journey as you transition from Halogen and Fluorescent to a brighter more efficient LED future.


It’s just like building a house, you need to get the foundations right, before you begin and that’s where Best Practice Lighting starts. Every building has a unique set of lighting challenges and that’s why you need someone with our expertise to come in and audit your existing lighting inventory in order to know what lights you need. From colour temperature, to wattage, beam angles and more, we audit your current fixtures and drivers. We then advise what LED lamps will fit best and what parts do not need replacing, shortening your Return On Investment time. We do all the hard work, so you can sit back, relax and wait for the report to come in. Our reports* contain everything you need to know about your transition to LED. From the ROI time, possible government funding, what infrastructure changes you may need to make, time scales and more. It’s all there in one clear document that building owners can read and make a 100% informed decision from.

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How do you know you are investing in the right lamps? It’s one of the biggest concerns when transitioning to LED, knowing which manufacturer and lamp to go for. With many products on the market that look the same you need an expert on your side to help you decide which bulb is right for you and that’s what Best Practice Lighting does. We have spent many years meeting manufacturers all over Asia to ensure you get the very best value and performance available on the market today. Our industry expertise ensures you get the newest, most cutting edge technology that is available and it’s all backed up with our after sales warranty.


Our team of professional fitters take the hassle out of installing LED lighting. With our expert knowledge about drivers, fixture and fittings we get the job done with the least amount of fuss. Being efficient we will not be under your feet for long and will cause minimum disruption to your business or home. All our fitters are OH&S and house trained too, meaning we will install to corporate standards, with minimum mess and everything put back in its place, it’s all part of the service. You will be enjoying the benefits of your new LED lights before you know it.

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