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Payment Plan Explained


Best Practice Lighting has teamed with Energy Ease to allow their customers to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting today and pay later.  This program is not to dissimilar to your mobile phone plan.  Energy Ease payment plans require no upfront investment, instead you pay a monthly installment while enjoying the benefits of reduced energy bills.  

You could be cash flow positive from the start.

Why Finance

Many business don't install energy saving equipment on their premises due to the  often substantial initial outlay.

We have teamed up with an energy efficiency financing specialist company so now (conditions apply) our customers are able to upgrade their lighting to more efficient LED Lighting without a large upfront payment, whilst enjoying the immediate reduction in power bills.

In Many cases, your upgrade can be structure to be CASH FLOW POSITIVE!

How Does It Work?

  • Once installed your lower energy bill plus the rental repayments in most cases is lower than your old power bills

  • The system is paid off over time - from 2 to 7 years (just like you rent a photocopier).

  • You can often start saving from the day your system is installed.

  • Get the benefits now of reduced power bills for $0 upfront.

  • There is no cost to start the application today.

Payment Plans

  • For equipment valued between $3K and $5 million​

  • Up to 10 year terms

  • Instant approval for transactions up to $150K^ (with no financials)

  • $0 upfront, highly competitive plans

  • Payment may be fully tax deductible

The Benefits

  • No deposit and no residual

  • Up to 7 years

  • Immediate savings on your bills

  • May be fully tax deductible

  • Options to buy at the end of term

  • No financials or landlord waivers required

  • No ongoing fees just a fixed monthly rental

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