Your office lighting can have a significant impact on your employees in a number of ways. Your employees can be affected by poor or inadequate lighting. It can cause poor productivity, stress and lethargy.  Not only does poor lighting affect your employees but to run it can be costly and have long term impacts on your carbon imprint.


With inefficient lighting causing increased bills, efficient LED solutions can counteract these costs while also effectively brightening up your workplace making it a more pleasant place to work.


Key Considerations


Promoting increased productivity in staff can sometimes be as easy as creating a more comfortable environment. Reliable, natural looking light is a great first step in this regard. Have a conversation with Best Practice Lighting today, and consider these factors:


  • How long are your office hours? – Different LED products work best under different conditions

  • How large, physically, is your space?

  • Does your current lighting promote productivity, comfort and also safety?

  • Can you benefit from automated lighting?

  • Are there energy targets/standards you have to meet?

  • What sort of work do you do and how does light contribute to that?

  • Do you only need general lighting, or task specific and accent lights?

Product Used
Common Areas
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