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"Everyone Shines Given the Right Lighting" Susan Cain

The quality of light effects us all and in our place of work given the correct lighting we will work more effectively and efficiently. Lighting does so much more than light up our world, it enhances, improves safety and creates spaces which can be adapted to various tasks.

It is important to have acceptable lighting in the workplace a well lit work areas is fundamental for optimizing visual performance and comfort. Good lighting impacts on health and performance, poor lighting can cause fatigue, headaches and can impact on mental health,

Lighting quality depends on a number of factors, consistency, distribution, color rendering characteristics and glare. Australian Standard AS/NZS 1680.1.2006 Interior and workplace lighting recommend minimum lighting levels for different types of work activity and location. These standards cover:

Safe movement

Circulation spaces and other general area

Office and screen-based task

Educational and training facilities

Industrial tasks and processes

Hospital and medical tasks

The Australian Building Services Website provide a table which is a guide to minimum lighting levels shown below.

The lighting must match the workplace and the task. If you are concerned about the quality of light in your organisation Best Practice Lighting can audit and make recommendations on a suitable upgrade if required.

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